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Owner testimonial by Steve Sloan, SJSU Tech on a mission

That bike was the result of visits to Dale’s shop, of long conversations about types of tubes, materials and riding styles. I remember holding and looking at bare steel tubes and going through boxes of fork crowns and being able to specify the most small of details on that bike. It was a collaboration effort. I saw the bike evolve from metal. 

My Saso bike is the result of the many conversations Dale and I had. Does that make me faster? No. Does that enhance my own personal riding experience? Yes, very much.

You may be surprised to find the cost is not as high as you fear. Only you can decide what you want. That’s what makes’em so cool.


Owner testimonial by Scott

I had Saso build a frame-set -  a combination of Tange Prestige and Tange Ultimate. Prestige was the road bike set, Ultimate the mountain bike set. The Ultimate tubes were larger in diameter than the Prestige tubes. Ultimate tubes were used on the top and down tubes to increase frame stiffness.

... this magnificent machine has earned me three California Triple Crowns as well as a 3,000 mile transcontinental crossing of the US with PAC Tour....in just 23 days (with over 90,000 feet of climbing to add to the fun)! I've also ridden the Saso in over 100 "centuries".

This bike is a true warrior. I swear it possesses some kind of competitive spirit. I love this bike.


Having the best of both worlds By Court

I think fillet is a stronger hold, but harder to repair, since the tubes cant slide out. I just had a custom 

frame made by Dale Saso in San Jose and his brilliant insight led me to receiving a frame with lugs at all 

joints except the bottom bracket, which was meticulously fillet-brazed.

I wanted lugs simply because I think they are little works of art, but when he was sizing me, he also asked me 

to ride up the hill he lives on while he watched, and determined that I had too much power to deal with a 

lugged BB, and asked if fillet brazing will be fine. It was an excellent catch and I couldn't be happier with 

the work, now having the best of both worlds. I've seen some other amazing work by him in which he uses 

filed-down lugs only as accents on the head tube, while still fillet-brazing the joints, creating a smoothness 

with a little bit of flair.

By Court Lovely Bicycle! 



2010 Dale Saso Custum Road Bike by supergalactic

A bike I had built by the legendary frame builder, Dale Saso. Inspired by the sport touring bikes of the 80s, 

I wanted a bike that both fits me well and rides fast in the hills and mountains around me, but comfortable, 

as the mountain roads can get rough. A bike that I don't have to dismount in complete pain, yet stays with the 


Dale did it. Finished off with some custom wheels. Due to my love of steep mountains, but dealing with a 

bad knee, I went with a triple crank and Deore rear so I can continue to ride up there.


Dale Saso custom. Made with Columbus, Tange & True Temper double-oversized tubes, Llewellyn Cadenzia lugs, 

with a fillet-brazed bottom bracket


Dale Saso custom fork, Cane Creek headset

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:

Specialties TA Carmina Triple, 187.5mm


Clipless: Speedplay / Platform: White Industries


Deore XT


Deore XT rear, Campagnolo Racing T Front. 105 Levers


Ritchey Wing, Ritchey Classic 130mm stem


Brooks Team Pro saddle


Velo Orange Grand Cru caliper

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:

White Industries Hubs, Velocity A23 rims. Callenge Strata Bianca 32c Tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:

White Industries Hubs with Velocity A23 rims. Callenge Strata Bianca 32c Tire

By supergalactic

PedalRoom https://www.pedalroom.com/bike/2010-dale-saso-custum-road-bike-16122